Psychometric assessment platform for small, medium and large organizations

We provide a psychometric assessment platform which can be used to identify, develop and promote the right talent for small, medium or large organisations.

fresher recruitment

Fresher Recruitment

HireSharp assists you to filter the suitable candidates with the required skills and competencies that the job profile requires.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessment

We at HireSharp help you with scientific proven and tested assessments best suited for Asian population with a high reliability and validity standardizations.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

With the help of highly reliable and standardised assessment tools and techniques, we equip HR professionals to effectively assess training needs resulting in effective employee engagement programmes.

Lateral Hiring

Lateral Hiring

HireSharp with its unique assessments helps you to identify the core competencies of candidates, helping you to discover their potential or be assured of the identified potential and accordingly place them in the new suitable job role.

Training need analysis

Training Need Assessments

HireSharp aims to help organisations to identify the skill and competency gaps with the help of standardized psychometric tests.

Functional Knowledge Testing

Functional Knowledge Assessments

HireSharp allows HR professionals to gauge an individual's functional knowledge with the help of pre-existing assessments and the feasibility of creating new ones.

Key Features

Video Interviews

Automated video interview solution allows organizations to screen candidates using video interviews conducted using pre-defined questions.

Multi user access

Our platform allows you to create multiple levels with access control.

Online Proctoring

Hiresharp takes complete control of the system as soon as the assessment starts with the webcam activation the system keeps clicking images at the regular interval and more.

Other Features

Functional questions

You can add your functional questions and create your own assessments based on these questions.

Pay as you grow

We deduct credit from your account when a user starts assessment.

Scoring pattern

System allows you to define your own scoring pattern. Scoring can be absolute (right/wrong) scoring or weightage based scoring.

Map assessment to job profile

System allows you to assign an assessment to various job profiles you have. A single assessment can be assigned to different job profiles based on your requirement.

Access control

System allows you to define various roles and restrict access based on the role.

Unlimited assessments

You can make use of the predefined assessments for most of the profiles. In case you feel that the predefined assessments are not serving your need, you can design your own assessments.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Samvar Mavani
Director at Mosil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd

We started using Hiresharp for our recruitment of our sales force. This not only helped us in our interview process but also helped us making better hiring decisions and avoiding intuitive decisions while recruitment. We are now using HireSharp assessments for all our job profiles with their customizable assessments and their competency library .


SME clients and Kelvolt India Pvt. Ltd.

As a Mentor I am responsible for talent acquisition and career shaping activities and I am glad to be associated with HireSharp for one of my client , Kelvolt India Pvt. Ltd., which has helped me map the requisite competencies for new hires and also for the existing team members. The ease of test creation combined with depth & variety of competencies available on HireSharp platform is very impressive and I look forward to HireSharp being an advantage to my clients growth.