Employability Assessment

Employability Assessment

In today's highly competitive employment market, jobs and roles are often described in terms of competencies which are a combination of behaviours and personality that lead to superior performance in a job. The two major concerns of employers are finding good employees and training them. The skills-gap, which is the difference between the skills needed on the job and those possessed by applicants, is of real concern to managers and business owners looking to hire competent employees. Employability assessment tool helps to identify the candidate's employability quotient or in simple words how employable the candidate is. It uses proven psychometric theories and other skills diagnostic tools while facilitating the assessment and helps candidates identify their strengths and areas of development at the right time before you are faced with the competitive situation of placements and job interviews. It helps the candidate to discover one's skills, competencies and personality.

Training gap analysis

If candidate discovers the skill gap before the recruitment process begins, efforts can be taken to build and develop the essential skills and competencies required to excel in one's desired functional role. Our assessments help candidates to discover their strengths and areas of improvement in skills and competency, both. And likewise also map them to the personality traits required for the functional role, and know what is the ideal job fit for one.

Duration: 120 minutes
How it works


Note: You will be charged only at Step 3, i.e. only when a candidate starts the assessment.

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