Psychometric Assessments

It is important and critical for every candidate hired to have a role fit for success of a new employee joining. However, it is hard to objectively measure someone's personality traits in an interview. We have a solution to this problem. With our personality trait assessment you can intuitively analyse the candidate very objectively in an interview and it would enable you to decide the role fit and make the decision making process easy. With our Personality Trait Assessments, you can evaluate the candidate on 30+ different personality traits before you decide to hire. Our assessment platform allows you to decide the ideal scores expected for the role so that comprehending the report is easier and helps in focusing on the areas with gaps in ideal versus actual scores.

Personality Trait assessment is useful in hiring mid management to senior management roles.

Duration: 30-45 minutes
How it works


Note: You will be charged only at Step 3, i.e. only when a candidate starts the assessment.

Sample Report